Testing Services

Our infrastructure supports Opencable, Packetcable, DOCSIS and EuroDOCSIS testing. We use TEP's and Tclsimm to test your product for Specification compliance. We execute most of the Set-top CableCard , Host and OCUR
ATP's today.

We also test MSO test plans such as TW, Cox, Comcast and Charter. We also use several tools we have developed in house such as our PacketCable eMTA and CMS load and protocol tester.

Our customers can select from any of the following services:

Development Lab:

Customers can use the BSAT lab facility, automation test tools and equipment for their pre-certification, product development, new product testing, functional testing, benchmarking, application verification, RMA testing etc with their engineers at our lab. We also provide engineer support in the lab and a test engineer to execute the tests for the customer as required. Customers can opt to execute the tests themselves

Specialized temporary engineering service:

This is primarily geared to support vendors who require an expert engineer for a very short duration to assist in testing DOCSIS, DSG or PacketCable. Typically our clients have used this service as a resource for MSO site testing and field trial/rollout support.

Turnkey DOCSIS, PacketCable, Opencable and DSG test package:

Setting up test labs by offering discount packages (SW&HW). Our lab package is a turn key solution; it includes everything you will need for a functional PacketCable/DOCSIS/DSG product development lab including functional automation (TEP's and TclSimm scripts). Our clients use our service to setup their labs for compliance testing and interop/ MSO type testing.

Development Services

We have a team of Software developers with experience in C++ and Tcl that specialize in PacketCable, DOCSIS, Opencable and DSG. We develop customized automation based on your test plans and testing needs. We also provide any add on software development support you would require for your product.

RMA Services

Why invest in infrastructure and technical expertise, BSAT has a complete CABLE TV infrastructure in our lab, our system is automated to screen several hundred modems a day. Our automated application works in conjunction with our database to generate a list of NTF and Bad modems. We have partnerships with several repair shops who have several years of repair experience in Cable Modems and Set-top boxes.

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