• BSAT, Inc. is the only lab in the cable industry besides Cable Labs that provides support for DOCSIS , PacketCable and Opencable technologies.

  • BSAT Inc is a third party test house that is privately funded, our testing is unbiased and is open to any member who desires to participate in the tests or run the tests themselves.

  • BSAT Inc offers a development lab, that no other in the industry besides Cable labs provides to its customers.

  • BSAT Inc has engineers who have extensive experience in DOCSIS product roll out, field engineering , testing and support.

  • BSAT Inc is the best alternative to an expensive lab investment by individual members, who can use the lab for whatever situation arises from Product evaluation to replicating a problem in the field. BSAT has very flexible scheduling and is open 24X7.

  • BSAT provides remote testing capability, that way we can provide testing on demand.

  • BSAT Inc has flexible pricing, we try and keep our overheads as low as possible to pass on the savings to our customers.


  • BSAT Inc has engineers and personnel who are constantly in touch with new technologies and developments in the current DOCSIS, PacketCable and Opencable technologies.

  • BSAT operates 24X7

  • BSAT has separate lab areas for members to use, allowing multiple customers to use the facility

  • BSAT has remote access capabilities and many of our customers can execute tests on demand. We have staff that can assist with setups and configurations if necessary.

  • BSAT supports flexible schedules. BSAT can schedule customers according to the day and time slots needed.

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