The BSAT Laboratory

Creation of a Lab involves a considerable investment in capital equipment, but more importantly, effectively managing the lab and its use, can be a very divergent activity for equipment and service suppliers. BSAT understands this need and provides a solution, building on more than 10 years of experience in running Test Labs, our Management understands the need for, and provides delivery of, on time test completion of projects.

The Broadband Solutions and Testing Inc., test lab replicates a real world Service Provider (MSO) and it includes a head-end equipped with several brand name CMTS's and more than 1000 different vendor Cable modems on the Cable Plant. The RF plant has several analog and digital channels and supports the introduction of typical and atypical network error conditions. Our lab network includes PacketCable™, DOCSIS™ and Euro-DOCSIS™ modems and CMTS’s and are supported by our experienced staff for completion of lab and field testing.

For PacketCable™, DOCSIS™ ATP testing, we use five functional ATP test stations to access all our CMTS’s, Sigtek Sniffers, Smartbits, IXIA’s and software the ATP test stations execute all DOCSIS™ 1.1 ATP’s, including PacketCable™ and DOCSIS™ 2.0 TEP’s automation scripts. We also offer DOCSIS™ 3.0 testing now.

Currently, our lab infrastructure consists of:

  • Arris C4 CMTS
  • Arris 1500 CMTS
  • Motorola BSR1000 CMTS
  • Cisco Ubr 7246 VXR CMTS
  • Cisco UBR 7223
  • Broadcom CMTS
  • Arris 1000 and Cisco 7223 for backward compatibility
  • Sigtek ST-260C
  • Sigtek 260B
  • IXIA with 10/100/1000 cards,
  • Smartbits with ML7710 and ML5710 cards
  • Ethereal
  • Incognito DHCP, TFTP and TOD servers
  • KDC server
  • Alopa provisioning server
  • PACT server
  • Voicetronix phone simulator
  • Teltone tls-4 telephone line simulators
  • CATV analyzer
  • Stealth analyzers
  • Microseven PBX simulators
  • Ameritec Central office simulator
  • Ameritec bulk call generators
  • Blonder tongue OC-16 combiners
  • Diplexers
  • Fireberd MC6000
  • Adtran FXO and FXS
  • Wavecom and GI upconverters
  • Assortment of several cablemodems
  • HP switches
  • Cisco routers
  • Dell test station PC's and servers
  • RF splitters, fixed and variable attenuators
  • Spectrum analyzers

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